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This anagram would officially be understood to mean the following, “Societa Esercizio Fabbriche Automobili e Corse” or more affectionately as “Sempre Enzo Ferrari Al Comando” – Always Enzo Ferrari in Command!

The wording can be found in any Ferrari handbook and refers specifically to the aims of the House of Maranello.

In our case, SEFAC is the official title of our own Ferrari Club of South Africa, which happens to be one of the oldest Ferrari Owners’ Clubs in the world. It was first coined by the founder of the Club, the late Pierre Bastiaan Kelfkens and stands for “SOUTHERN EQUITORIAL FERRARI AUTOMOBILI CLUB”.  Please note the spelling of the word Equitorial and not Equatorial. The connotation being not only that of South of the Equator, but, more importantly, the letter “i” indicates the equine relationship to the home of the Prancing Horse (il Cavallino Rampante).  Pierre Kelfkens was a man amongst men, a true gentleman, and a person who loved life and was loved by all who knew him. Pierre was born at the end of the Great War, on the 1st of May 1918. After matriculating, he studied Quantity Surveying and soon set up a successful practice. However, Pierre always found time for his first love – motor cars. He was one of the founder members of the Sports Car Club, a member of the South African Motor Racing Club – which administered Kyalami in the old days – and was also an active campaigner on the racetracks of South Africa.


SEFAC prides itself on its relationship with its partners and associates.

National Comittee

Chairman – Denis Scheuble’

Vice Chairman – Peter Angouras

Secretary – Alison Strydom

Treasurer – Anthony Wilmot

KZN Committee member – Greg Petzer

Garden Route Committee member – Alistair Gibb

Western Cape Committee member – Enrico Lupini

JHB Committee member – Dean Nevay

JHB Committee member – Clynton Kairuz

JHB Committee member – Clayton Cunningham

JHB Committee Member – Brendan Chalmers

JHB Committee Member  David Ringwood


Committee Members:

Peter Angouras

Clayton Cunningham

Dean Nevay

Clynton Kairuz

Brendan Chalmers

David Ringwood

Cape Town


Enrico Lupini

Committee Members:

Davide Marchesini

Craig Melnick

Jan Du Toit



Greg Petzer

Committee Members: 

Eric Arnaud

Jason Nadauld 

Vic Möller

Steven Durant

Ravin Samlall

Garden Route



Alistair Gibb

Committee Members:

Adrian Wilmans 


Annual Kyalami Track Day

Next track date: 12 June 2021

SEFAC has always had a proud tradition of annual track days at Kyalami, from the first incarnation of the track and through the numerous changes in layout, Kyalami has always seen a strong and enthusiastic turnout from its members.

Membership of the club has grown exponentially over the years and the attendance at Kyalami has been proportionate, with cars attending climbing to over two hundred.

With the clubs sponsors on site and all the cars, there is a myriad of sights, sounds and smells to experience.

This truly is the pinnacle of SEFAC events, and one not to be missed by any owner, enthusiast or fan of this exceptional brand that is Ferrari



Tel:  +27 (11) 483 0007

Fax to Email: +27 (86) 529 8739



P.O. Box 87099
South Africa